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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Onesies Project (and Mum Gets Crafty)

The Architect and I were trying to figure out a way to get family and friends involved in the whole "baby experience." With family and friends located all over the place we wanted to share our love of baby and crafting in a creative way. We decided to ask a few family members and friends to decorate a variety of onesies for the baby- hence the name The Onesies Project. 

We didn't really have any rules other than a kind request to be as gender neutral as possible. We also didn't care how creative your felt you were. If you wanted to participate we were happy to hand you a onesie. Participants even got to choose from a variety of colors and sizes. 


It should be no surprise my mum was the first to get her onesies back to us. (All pictured onesies are from my mum) She was the first person to give us a baby present a few days after we told her we were expecting. (First time grandmotherly excitement!!!) I think originally we gave her two to decorate, but she loved it so much she went out and bought more blanks for decorating.

The great thing about this project is the openness. I think a lot of the decor used for her onesies came from craft stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby. The most important thing is she personalized them using decor representing things in our lives. She and I both love owls, we have two dogs, and we have a bit of an animal theme going on with Charley Harper as our nursery inspiration. The other onesies are just darn cute.

Most of our onesies were purchased at a discounted price from Trendy Blanks. We pre-washed all of the onesies before handing them out and just let people decorate as they pleased. I think this would even be a good idea for a baby shower if you wanted to do something different than playing weird dirty diaper games, eating cake, and opening gifts.

There will be other onesies posted as they are returned to us. We just got one back from a friend, and I absolutely love it.

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