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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Birthday Gift for Sister-in-law

My beautiful sister-in-law, Eliza, recently had a birthday. Not too long after we arrived in Pittsburgh she mentioned she would love to have an assortment of cloth napkins to use for dinners. She said she would love to have an assortment of fabrics that didn't necessarily match but were color coordinated.

A variety of napkins
Peter and I selected 15 different materials from Marmalade Fabrics, which is an online fabric retailer. Tammy, the owner, has incredible taste in fabric and she has quickly become one of my favorite resources. She's really good at selecting highly sought after fabrics as they come out each season.  The napkins measure out 15.5" square. They were serged, to help avoid future fraying, and then hemmed.

Napkin rings
In addition to the napkins I also altered some napkin rings we purchased. I used some of the scraps and some buttons I found to liven up the simple silver rings. The embellishment is held together by a snap so it can easily be removed if she wants to only use the simple ring.

"Fancier" set
I also made a "fancier" set for when she hosts dinner parties. I have always liked the idea of napkin rings, but hated the idea of having multiple sets for holidays and fancy dinners taking up space in a cupboard. This ways the she only has the one set of napkin rings with interchangeable embellishments, which will take up a little less room.

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