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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Gift for Ezra's First Birthday

A friend of mine I quilt with on Monday nights has two children. The youngest, Ezra, was born eight days after Samuel. For Ezra's first birthday I made him a pair of pants.

Two cut out pant legs for sized 6-12 months

Pants sewn together

Sliding in the elastic for the waistband

Cuff detail

The finished product with roll-able cuffs.
Courtney, Ezra's mum, loves Japanese fabric... Well, she loves pretty much everything Japanese craft, so I made the pants out of some scrap Japanese fabric I had left over from making a skirt for our friend, Amy, in Austin. Baby pants are pretty easy to make. I have a feeling I will be making more in the future for other friends and family members having babies.

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